Our Trees

Unlike big chain stores who harvest their trees weeks before they arrive (even before Halloween), our trees are harvested and delivered multiple times a week during the holiday season. Guaranteeing a fresh & beautiful Christmas tree.

Silvertip (Abies magnifica)
Also known as a Red Fir, I am a high elevation tree found in the High Sierras and mountains of California and southwest Oregon. I have a long 1″ green or bluish needle a lot like a Noble Fir. Often referred to as the “original” California Christmas Tree, I’m highly sought after for my strong branches that spread from the trunk in rings with lots of space between. Looking for an ornament show stopper? I’m your huckleberry!

Noble Fir (Abies procera)
I am the largest native fir in North America. My 1-1½″ needles spread in two rows of bluish green with white lines underneath and curve at the tip. My strong branches are ideal for heavier ornaments while my coat is so highly sought after, you typically find me used for garland and wreaths. I’m a solid performer that gives back as my seeds are food for various bird and wildlife as well as providing them with cover and thermal protection.

Nordman Fir (Abies nordmanniana)
Named after a Botanist from Finland, Alexander Von Nordmann, I am often referred to as the “hypo-allergenic” tree due to my lack of fragrance. I have strong branches for heavier ornaments and am earmarked by my deep shiny green look and silvery/white stripe under branch. I’m a great choice for the office and those with sensitive sniffers.

Fraser Fir (Abies fraseri)
I may be the perfect holiday tree, you might even call me presidential! With my silvery green 1″ needles and sturdy branch spacing, I am often easier to decorate than other varieties. I have excellent needle retention when watered well, and am very fragrant all season long. My claim to fame is that I have been chosen more times than any other tree to be the Presidential tree of the White House.

Turkish Fir (Abies nordmanniana)
I’m the newest guy on the farm! I have a very attractive two-tone needle that has a dark silvery-green underside. Most confuse me with my friend Nordman, but we are very different. I have a flatter needle that radiates out from my stem and a strong branch to hold heavy ornaments. Once I’m brought home, my needles retain water very well if I’m kept watered!

Douglas Fir (Pseudotsuga menziesii)
One of the stronger scented Christmas trees, I make up for in scent what I might lack in branch strength. I have a long, flat, spiral needle roughly 1 ½" in length and am named after the botanist and explorer, David Douglas. My branches are made for small, light ornaments. You might call me the “All American” as I helped American Soldiers during WWII providing everything from the wood for footlockers, to portable huts and stretcher rails. To this day, I am still a top source of lumber.


We carry a variety of wreaths. All wreaths come on a 14″ ring, while the Mixed wreath is available in many different sizes.

Noble Fir
Made of Noble fir, Dogwood, Magnolia, and Cedar; with Ponderosa cones.
Made with Noble Fir, Juniper, and Cedar; with Ponderosa cones.
Available in the following sizes:
  • 10″ ring, 20″ outer frawn
  • 14″ ring, 28″ outer frawn
  • 20″ ring, 40″ outer frawn
  • 36″ ring, 72″ outer frawn
  • 48″ ring, 96″ outer frawn

We also offer locally made wreaths:

Mossy oak

Wreath accessories

  • wreath bows: red & plaid
  • wreath hangers


  • Cedar Garland
  • Noble Fir Garland
  • Fresh Mistletoe
    Cedar Garland

Other accessories

  • Tree preservative: 2oz & 8oz
  • Floor mats
  • Tree removable bags
  • Water funnels or water spouts

Rudi’s Cuties

We carry Rudi’s Cuties decorative Reindeer & Snowmen. Both in all sizes.


We offer stands for all sizes of tree.

Cinco Stands

  • Tabletop stand
  • 8′ & under
  • 10′ & under (we always recommend you size up)
  • 12′ & under

Other Stands

  • Custom rebar stands 12′ and above.
  • Wooden cross stands (does not allow for watering).


Delivery available for all of Sonoma County

Evening deliveries run between 5pm and 11pm, and are on a first come first serve basis.

Unfortunately, we can not guarantee same-night delivery.

Please inquire about deliveries to surrounding counties.

Tree Services

  • State certified flame proofing. (Please allow 24 hours for the tree to dry.)
  • Free fresh cut
  • Free tree shaking
  • net ($2.00)
  • bailing ($7.00)
  • Assistance to your car
  • Free twine to tie down the tree to your vehicle. Twine is 35mph twine, so bring tie down or rope if you're travelling far.


  • Pre-flocked trees available or custom flocking from 2'–15'.
  • All types of flocking as well as sparkle options.
  • Custom flocking takes 24–48 hours depending on weather and availability.